We all like to receive something free, me included, but have you thought about the cost for a small business? 
It starts with selecting  the samples, getting them ready to be shipped and then paying for shipping. 
And this is without the actual cost of the samples.

So, you can see that it is actually quite a high expense for a small business.

I have been sending samples out for years, but lately I have been overwhelmed with requests for free samples and I have now decided that it has to stop. 

Of course I can understand that wanting to place a big order you would like to try what you buy first, but asking for samples and then never acknowledging the receipt or basically not getting in touch at all anymore is very unfair to the small Business.

On these grounds I have now changed my policy of free samples.

If you are interested in my products and you are a serious buyer you will not mind paying for samples. Should you then decide to place an order, you will be reimbursed for your sample order.

I think this a very fair alternative to all involved.

Thank you for your understanding.