This gorgeous fragranced natural soap will make any bathroom smell fantastic. It not only smells good, but it looks great as well. It's a gentle soap and can be used on the face or body. It will leave you fresh, moisturised and will make your skin feel lovely and soft. Weight approx. 135g Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Cotton Seed Oil, Glycerin Natural Fragrance: Christmas Cranberry For colouring we used natural pink mica All our soaps are made in small batches and hand cut. So, each bar is unique and made specially for you.

Mythical Cranberry

  • To get the most out of your soap use a soap dish that will let the water escape. Don't leave your soap in a soap dish that gathers water, as it will become very soft and break in to small pieces. I am sure you will not use it again after.