This is a fantastic mild and gentle liquid hand soap.
No harsh chemicals added, only some gorgeous smelling essential oils.
It lathers great and keeps your hands lovely and soft.

For now I have two different fragrances to offer and they are very appropriate coming up to Christmas and with the virus going round.
One is Sweet Orange & Cinnamon, the perfect the Christmas fragrance.
And the green on is Eucalyptus lemon & Tea Tree, very good to use in the kitchen.
These soaps are handmade and sometimes the color and fragrance can slightly vary, as I only make small batches.

Aqua 50-100%
Potassium oleate 10 - 25%
Potassium cocoate 5 - 10%
Glycerin 1 - 5%
Potassium citrate 0.1 - 0.5%
Citric Acid 0.1 - 5%