Glycerin Soap

Glycerin Soap, also called Melt and Pour soap.

We use a non sweat base base, which is white in appearance. It is a specific formulated base for humid conditions.

It's a soap base that is suitable for Vegan.

Glycerin soaps lather well, producing nice foam.

These soaps have good moisturising properties from a high glycerine content and this makes your skin feel pleasant.

The last ingredients added to these soaps are colouring and essential oils.

This soap is very popular for Hotels and Guest Houses. It can be made as 15g or 25g and it's wrapped in biodegradable cellophane and finished off with natural raffia and a hand written label.


This soap is also very good for Wedding Favours. You can choose the colour and fragrance to compliment the whole theme of your wedding.


For any more details on Guest soap or Wedding favours, please contact me.


Hot Process Soap

Hot process soap is one of the traditional way of making soap. As the name suggests, the process involves cooking the oils.


After mixing all the required oils together in a big pot, they will cook for about 3 hours. Of course, it needs to be checked frequently.

Once it's ready, colour and fragrance are added. The mixture will then be poured into a mould.

By cooking the oils the saponification process is being sped up and this soap can be then used approximately 3-4 days after being produced.

It is quite a rustic looking soap and we only use the best ingredients.


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Cold Process Soap

Cold process soap is made without any external heat applied to it. All oils and lye are mixed together which will trigger the saponification process. Colour and fragrance has to be added quickly so it can be poured in to a mould.

The soap is then heating from the inside out and that is the reason we leave the soap to stand for at least 24 hours before we take it out of the mould. Once it has been taken out it needs to be cured for about 5 weeks before it can be used. The longer the soap is cured the milder it will become.

If you would like more information or are interested in Wholesale, please contact me.