Essential Oils




Here you will find all the Essential Oils and Natural Fragrances we use for all our natural soaps.

We also listed all the things that are good for you and your skin.

Please note that all benefits mentioned are not made up by us, but what research suggest

Black Pepper

- The content of vitamin C helps make pepper extremely high in antioxidants, antibacterial, and antibiotic properties

- Gives lift to dull and sluggish skin

- Keeps your skin moisturised


- It has skin repairing, regenerating, and strengthening properties, which in turn keeps your skin young and refreshing.

- Well known to help with skin condition by soothing the skin

- Helps keeping your skin moisturised and       refreshed


- Helps to reduce oily skin

- Contributes to a clearer complexion

- It has antiseptic properties which will help with some skin conditions


- Good for dry skin

- Helps with the fight against wrinkles

- Soothes and moisturises dry skin


- Good for Oily skin

- Nourishes and moisturises skin

- Anti aging effect


- Can aid the treatment of a host of skin       conditions

- It acts as skin toner and will keep your

skin healthy and glowing

-Good for oily skin


-  Maintains moisture balance in the skin

-  Fights signs of ageing

-  Help in removing or reducing scar marks


- Prevents premature skin aging such as fine    lines and age spots

- Helps maintain youthful skin

- Can remedy varying skin conditions such as acne, skin allergies and rashes

Orange (Sweet)

- Helps to reduce wrinkles, tighten facial pores, reduce dark spots, plump up fine lines, and restore your skin’s suppleness and elasticity

- Keeps skin smooth and moisturised

- Good for hydrating the skin


- Treats oily skin and reverse signs of aging

- Helps complexion tot looks vibrant and feels healthy and smooth

- Tightening and toning the skin


- Reduce inflammation and redness associated to eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis

- Skin tightening and toning effect

- Firms and lifts skin


- Good for combination skin

- Anti-aging effects

- It gives you glowing skin plus it  moisturises, smoothes and refreshes 


                                                                                 Natural Fragrances

Natural Fragrance are not so much known to have beauty benefits, but mainly they are very good smelling, which means uplifting and refreshing. This in itself I think is already a great benefit.

Following are the fragrances we use and I will have a look at the benefits.


- It's very calming and will help to get a good night sleep

- Good for skin and hair

- It is believed to have abilities similar to aphrodisiac (oh la la....)


Great skin moisturiser 

- It helps to heal wounds

- Smells like beach and summer to me :)


-  Good for dry, brittle and dehydrated skin

-  Calms anxiety

-  Helps to promote sleep

Rose (english)

- Good moisturiser

- Calming effect

- Anti aging ingredient


- Effective anti-aging treatment for mature skin

- Helps your skin looking radiant

- Soothing for problem skin