A story of freshness

Meet Katrina,

                The creator of
                Pure RoK Natural Soap


    Hello and welcome to my world of Handmade Soap products. I am very happy you found me. 


    This is your first step to a cleaner living and helping to save the environment - our beautiful world!


     If you are getting tired of using products full of bad chemicals and empty promises, you came to the right place.


     I don’t make any miracles or promises about our products but I can assure you that they are all as natural as possible and definitely hand made. 

Once you start using Pure RoK soap you will want to keep using them.


     Our products will leave your skin not only healthy and moisturised but also refreshed and beautifully scented.


     I am sure you know about all the great benefits of Essential Oils, but if you are interested click here.. and you will find more information.


     Let me tell you how it all started. 


     You will not be surprised to learn that, like a lot of soap companies, it started with a member of the family who had a slight skin irritation. After a lot of research we found that as natural as possible is the best way.

     After a couple of years of research, my first bar of handmade soap emerged. That is when I decided to make this more than a hobby.

PURE ROK was born.

     This all happened at the end of 2010 and I have not looked back.


     Of course things don’t always go as planned. There were ups and downs in the Company but I have overcome all the hurdles and went from strength to strength. 


        This is all thanks to you, my wonderful customers who keep coming back.


     Not only our soaps but also our packaging is as natural as possible. 

For example, the cellophane I use to wrap up my soaps with is biodedegredable. It is our aim to be totally environmentally friendly.


     I was interviewed by a Packaging magazine. They were very interested in knowing more about our soap packaging.  If you would like to read up about it, click here Look luxe - Packaging Today

     Please feel free to browse through my site and please contact me for any more information.

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