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Experience the joy of handmade soap!

All our soaps are clean handmade products and we don’t use any synthetic fragrances or artificial colors.


We only handmake in small batches, so our quality control is very easy to oversee, as each bar of soap is being checked after unmoulding it.


A soap is never 100% natural, but you can get it as high as 95%. 
The reason behind this is that we have to use Lye to turn the oils in to soap, which is called the saponification process.

Pure RoK uses, where possible, naturally derived ingredients. 

All our ingredients are sourced from a company we trust and to our knowledge we only use ingredients that are as natural as possible. 

Handmade soap
Natural Soap Bars

What is handmade Soap made of?

Have you actually thought about what soap is made of? Well, let me tell you my definition.
Handmade soap is made with natural as possible oils, fats and butters, which gets all mixed with Lye.
These are all the base ingredients, but then I add essential oils, natural fragrances and colouring to the mixture.
It all sounds quite easy, but all soap makers  have to adhere to very strict rules and regulation. To be able to make and sell handmade soap it is necessary to obtain a cosmetic safety certificate.


We offer 3 different types of handmade soap

Hot Process Soap

Cold Process Soap

Glycerin Soap

Enjoy your browse and I hope you find what you are looking for